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What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the EU 2016/679 Regulation which significantly increases the requirements for data protection of customers by introducing higher penalties for violations and improper handling.

It applies not only to institutions and businesses, but to all individuals and services that process and retain these data within the EU. The regulation relies on “the principles of accountability” which direct data processors to introduce measures to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR.

Advantages of certification


Abou us

We are a Certification Body with many years of experience not only in information security management. We are accredited by CIA (Czech Accreditation Institute) and our certificates are recognized in all Member States. As one of the first organizations we have approached the OAO Accreditation Authority with proposals to cooperate in developing certification schemes that still did not exist in Europe. That's why our vision is different. Our certification processes are a guarantee of professional work.


Certification is an independent verification of the effectiveness of the management system. Our experienced auditors will analyze the current situation and suggest improvements. The certificate is proof that you have done everything necessary to comply with this directive and, above all, helps to increase your competitiveness and protect your company name and brand.

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